My daughter quotes these panels verbatim (with hand gesture) several times a day, and I am so okay with that.
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(via Dribbble - Hipster Hop by Brendan Pittman)
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(via Dribbble - Chart by Justin Kent)
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“Girl with Curlers, Los Angeles, 1949” By Ida Wyman
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by Kurunya
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Happy Easter
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I’ve been looking my ceiling a lot this week, hoping ideas will come

Loving this Tris!
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Sociotope (Facebook page) by Stefan Wagner visualizes your social profile and activity to generate a rich visual interpretive system. Stefan explains:

Sociotope is an unconventional kind of interactive information graphics. By connecting the application to your Facebook account, your digital alter ego can be turned into a virus-like object whose behaviour, look and feel corresponds to the way you are behaving in Facebook.

This is one of those types of projects where it needs to be seen to fully understand. Any lack of understanding aside, the visuals are gorgeous and show the potential of a strong data visualization system. Deciphering the verbose and voluminous data for something like social activity data can be off-putting to casual observers. Projects like this debatably act as gateway drugs to diving into deep, complex data.
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Totes Oars
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So this Christmas, I asked both my boyfriend and mum for an iPad, and both of them got it for me, which I did NOT expect. Yes, I could return it, or sell it, but I actually feel like doing something nice for once. So, yeah.
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Letterpress Made of Legos Creates Charming 8-Bit Prints
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